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Vloggers UK Recommendation for September

Andrew & Pete TV – Andrew & Pete

I’m very selective about vloggers I follow – they have to have awesome content where I’m going to learn something & not have a load of tedious filler (you know the kind that spend 10 mins introducing themselves & repeating the same information over and over {yawn}). My latest flavour of the month is Andrew & Pete – yep, they are their own brand.

Who are ANDREW & Pete?

Andrew & Pete (like Ant & Dec) are based in Newcastle (UK) They are content marketers with a difference.  They are super generous with their insights into how you can create and share better content for website / blog / brand.

Example episodes:

  • Blog Promotion Strategy Ultimate Guide
  • How to Write Blogs Fast – Speed Hack (I’ve tried it, it works!)
  • How to Come up with Blog Post Ideas (100 ideas in 5 mins) – some really fantastic ideas here!
  • Website Chatbot | Free Tutorial for Highly Converting Sales Pages

Other Reasons to Listen:

The guys are actually very entertaining to watch.  The majority of the videos are short and to the point.  The ideas are instantly actionable.

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